Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Monkey Hill

 Quiting Notes:  I  finished the skateboard tops, created backings.  I also created a backing for the Rainbow Patch (I need a better name for it)  Hopefully I will get at least one done today.

I need Joni's method of rapid fire quilting!  LOL.

Here is my Photo Post for the day:

South Louisiana is pretty flat, let me tell you.  So flat that they had to BUILD a hill!

Fifty (plus) years ago when we were kids, there was Monkey Hill.  It was the highest place in the city!  Monkey Hill was really put there to give us the experience of having a hill! 

I  remember having the time of my life running up and down that hill!  There were always other children running up and down and rolling, rolling down the grassy knoll as well.

It looks like this now.   But back in the OLD days, it was just a plain hill.  It is now within the confines of the zoo, but back then it was not.  It was open to all the children in the city, not just the ones who paid to get into the zoo.   But I guess people are more well traveled now, and might get to see a "free" hill on their own.

And it CERTAINLY did not have a lion on the top.  Frank said there were all kinds of animals on the way up there.  On the other side, there is a slide that curves and is bright yellow.

Such a shame they had to put a lion and a slide on my hill.

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  1. No hills? That is interesting. I lived in Indiana which is fairly flat, but we still had hills. We needed hills for sled riding in the snow, but then you didn't need a hill for that reason!


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