Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Stash Report - Corrected

Well, Patty the Quilt Lady brought up a good point.  I did take the Dye class with Kim Eicher-Messmer and brought that fabric home.

It included two yards of white Kona and a half yard each of green and yellow Kona.   I really need to redo  these photos and iron the pieces.  yes.

Here are my spectacular results:  Which do you like best?
Discharge and Overdyed
Discharged Yellow

White dyed purple
Discharged green kona

Discharged green kona
white dyed teal pink brown

White dyed green pink
White dyed green yellow

white dyed teal pink

White dyed teal yellow pink
White dyed stars


  1. I think there should be a special dispensation for fabric brought home as the result of a class - you get a free pass from me! LOL I like the white dyed stars - that teal and lime green are lovely.

  2. My faith on you has been restored! I vote for clothespin :-)

  3. I like the idea of the special dispensation! Your fabrics turned out wonderful despite the circumstances they were created under. I do like that clothespin fabric.


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