Friday, April 3, 2015

for all of you who were "got" by my horrible April Fools joke....don't worry.  The universe exacted payback.

I flew out to Colorado yesterday for my cousins wedding and spent the entire afternoon sleeping off some horrible bacterial bug while others went to museums, climbed mountains, and partied.

And you know what?  I really didn't care.  I was freezing, and could not get warm.  I called down to the desk and asked that they bring me another blanket.  The lady who brought it, asked if I wanted her to stay for a while.  I must have looked pretty bad.

Better today, thank goodness, there are wedding festivities tonight.


  1. Poor baby. I hope you are covered enough to have some fun tonight.

  2. So sorry :-( being sick is bad enough but to be sick in a hotel while everyone else is partying - bummer

  3. I think that is way too much punishment for a little April Fools joke. Either you had greater sins to pay for or you just got sick traveling. Let's just say it's the second option and wish you well for the wedding. Of course now you have to face the return trip....load up on meds (it doesn't which meds) and try not to breathe around people.

    Seriously, here's hoping you're feeling much better and are able to enjoy the wedding. Hugs!


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