Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Me vs. the Squirrels.........and the Snakes...........

Every time I walk outside from the patio to the yard, I pass this:

It freaks me out every darned time.  This is what it actually is.

It just catches the corner of my eye, and for all it's worth, looks like something it's not.

I would never have bought something that looked like a snake!

I have been "maturing" some acorn tops, walnut shells and leaves for about 3 months.  It was happening, much to Frank's dislike, in a tupperware piece sitting on the bathroom countertop.  It was time to brew something up.

I had a half yard of Ecology Cloth ready to stew.  I poured my goop, as Frank says, over the cloth and rolled it back up in the tupperware.  Because I own McGee, I put it outside the fene in front of the garage door.  I went to lunch with Ann.  When I pulled up in the driveway, 3 squirrels ran off with several nuts.  They had turned over my container spilling its contents down the driveway.

So I moved it to where only McGee can get it, DiNozzo will keep those pesky squirrels away!

You would think it would be stinking by now, but I think the tannins have kept it preserved.  My hands smell woody, nice actually.  And it is encouraging that the driveway is stained!



  1. A precious bundle indeed - like a fine wine just gets better with age. Kind of like us, don't cha think?

  2. Anything that looks like a snake would cause me a mild heart attack every time I'd encounter. I don't think you need to subject yourself to that! Have him cover it with something. (He can figure out what to use.) I can just see squirrels scampering off with your nuts! Can I assume the rest of goop was safe and you didn't need to brew up more?

  3. A few days ago, I went out the front door and wondered "how did that black hose get in the azalea bush?" So see, when you actually see a snake, you think its something else!


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