Wednesday, May 13, 2015


The Cucumber plant I bought several weeks ago has yielded a nice cuke good enough to eat last night.  Frank went out to get it, and sliced that baby up before I could get photos.  (he does not have the appreciate of the art like I do.)

I am saddened by the loss of life in the Amtrak crash and the Nepal earthquake.

In better news, my purple FitBit says I have walked 4748 steps so far.  I did what I think everyone, except maybe for Frank, does when they first get the tracker.  I laid in bed and flapped my arms like wings to see if I could trick it to counting steps.  I couldn't.

But it counts the steps to the door to let one dog out, another in.  And 5 minutes later it counts the steps to let the out dog in and the in dog out.  Chloe just lays on the porch and watches the progression of Bad Basset Boyz past her.  If she had a tracker it would register 10.

I had dinner with Paula this weekend (she has a new granddaughter named Bridget born on Monday) and she showed me what I needed to do to put the hexies together into flowers.  Last night wanted to time how long it took to  make a flower from the hexies already on the papers.  I made one during NCIS and

another during NCIS: New Orleans.

So it takes just under an hour to assemble one flower.

 And I figured out why my camera was doing stupid dark photos.  I changed the setting somehow.  Those pesky ghosts are at it again.

Every once in a while they move my kitchen stuff.  And it will appear in another location after a month or so.  My rice disappeared a while back. 

We  have been in this house for 30 years now, and it happens all the time.  So it is not just me getting Alzheimers!  For the first three years we were here, the cabinet doors would open at random times when we were all sitting in the den.  My father would scoff at me and say it couldn't happen.  He changed the hinges one time he was here, but it continued to happen.  He couldn't explain it. 

Come to think of it, it slowed down about the time he died.  I guess he is protecting the house from the cabinet door spirits!  And the garbage disposal stopped shocking people who flipped the switch.  Well, OK, never shocked anyone else but me.

 I wonder what my mother's job will be.  I guess she will go haunt Kenny.


  1. I am so jealous! Cucumber fresh from the garden - nothing better. It was 36 when I got up - frost on the north (sigh)

    I have ghosts that hide my fabric. I know I have that perfect fabric that would go with ______ but where is it? I search and search then go buy some - poof it turns up next time I go looking for something else. Perhaps your mom will be living in your stash ;-)

  2. I laid in bed and flapped my arms like wings to see if I could trick it to counting steps. I couldn't. This is hilarious...I woke Richard up with my giggling. It is something I'd do, except I don't want a Fitbit to fool. I'd register about like Chloe.

    Maybe the spirits are protecting the house and its contents by keeping you on your toes. You know, a good spirit. Either way, I'd get some Holy Water. I always feel safe and calm when there's Holy Water close by. (yeah, cradle Catholic)

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  4. NOW you tell me your house is haunted! I guess you thought the knowledge of that and the crazy lady next door would have been just too much for me to bear!

  5. I'm catching up on your week! How I love homemade tamales! I make them every end of year, but I've been wanting to do another batch.

    I wish our rental had space for a garden. At least there's a tree for my bird feeder and a forest view. The cucumbers are looking wonderful.

    The fitbit sounds rewarding and fun. I wonder if you marched in bed while lying down if it would register steps? That's still pretty decent movement anyways.


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