Monday, May 11, 2015

Green Foxes and an Asterisk

I took today off and sewed all day long!

And we had leftover ribs for dinner.  OMG.....they are good.

My FitBit came today.  My purple FitBit.  I have such a hard time getting it on the computer.  I worked for about an hour then said, this is it.  If it is not right.  I will work on it later.

We had a bit of bad weather today, but not snow!  LOL.  Poor Jason in Denver......snow AGAIN!

Here are my blocks from today.  I got the Rainbow Challenge green foxes and asterisk done.  I have to go back and do two more asterisks. 

the colors are not so great.  And it is my camera not the phone. The weather was so bad, and dark.  McGee was not happy about the storm, he chewed up the outer package on the long printer paper.  I guess he likes the 8 1/2 by 11 sheets better.

The green asterisk is a bright green.

I made seven dark green foxes and one teal one, for some reason........


  1. I will take the teal fox since you know it is my favorite color. You deserved a day off. Circle.of friendship surrounding you until we meet again.

  2. I would love a day off just for sewing! I took the day off but so far I've had only about two hours of sewing. I'll take whatever I can get, though! Every time I see those foxes I laugh....they are too fun. As for the asterisks, every time I see them, I say I have to give it a try. I guess eventually I will.

  3. Glad you got a good day if sewing in! I've heard a lot about the fitbit. I'll be interested in hearing the ins and outs of the "miracle fitness tool"


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