Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When Plaster of Paris is Exciting

I followed Sophie Junction to Massdrop and scored this  fabulous collection of Plaster of Paris FQs.  I
got it for $60.66 which is $2.10 each.  That is $8.40 a yard.  Free Shipping.  My Local Quilt Shop sells FQs for $4.00, which is $12.00 per yard.  If you do want to sign up, let me send you an invite.  I get something for free.  Not sure what, but I do get something. 

I am waiting for the CurveMaster Foot to come in from them.  It sells for $29.99 online plus shipping, I got it for $14.99 including shipping.  Not bad.

I am dying for their Perle Cotton........but I don't need more stuff now.   Really.  I need to get my stuff I have under control.  You know.

This is a McGee funny.  Well, really not so funny.  There was a gang of cockfighters caught in the neighboring area.  the Judge ordered each of the 10 men to pay $100 to CAAWS as part of their restitution.  I received the money and a letter requiring my signature.  I put the info into the computer and signed the letter.  It was on my computer waiting to be slid into an envelope.

McGee wanted to put his 2 cents in, I guess. 

He was very pleased with himself.  I, on the other hand, was not.  I taped it back together and sent it off to the DA's office.  I hope they have a sense of humor.


  1. Funny, I don't remember seeing those fabrics on Massdrop ... I like them. I received the "first" thank you package a while back and it was actually pretty nice and DID contain things I use.

  2. I'm looking at the pre census thread they have. I already have so much thread. Hard to decide if I just get it or wait for it to come around again when I need it....

  3. McGee was thinking the judge needed a good laugh.

  4. let me get this straight... the dog ate your homework?? Leeanna

  5. That fabric is fabulous! Massdrop is really stepping up their game with the quilting community. Maybe it was my quilt that hung in their booth? LOL! That was nice of the judge to send the money to CAWS. Did you put a note on the letter that McGee tore up the letter?


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