Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bad Day for Amazon But a Good Day for Albondigas

Seems like a lot of things are breaking around here recently.
Box ready to go back

After Frank broke my torchere lamp last week, I ordered that new torchere lamp for the reading/sewing while sitting on the sofa activities.  It came in today!  Yeah!

Immediately I opened the box and got it put together in no time flat!  When I got to the top lamp I realized the light collar was broken and the shroud for the light was bent into an oval.  Obviously it got damage in the shipping.

smooshed collar
A call to Amazon, yes I actually got them on the phone and they were wonderful!  I re-boxed the lamp, not an easy thing to do, you know.  It came out but not all of it went back in.  And it needs to go to UPS tomorrow.
Broken piece

And I liked the lamp.  The Amazon Lady put a fast shipping on it so
it should get it by Thursday have light for Thursday night Doc Martin.

The best part of the day was lunch.  Ann and I went to The Floor
Store and picked up some tile samples for her kitchen floor.

For lunch we found a place called Randazzo's for lunch.  Any time an Italian puts up a restaurant you KNOW it will be great!

The albondigas (meatballs) were like my grandmother from Italy used to make them, soft and sweet.

They  bake their own bread and make their own pasta, so I bought some fettuccine for tomorrow's dinner.

OMG!!!!  It was amazing!

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  1. Please post what the lamp looks like when you get your replacement. It is hard to find a good light for beside a sofa. I love meatballs and those look very tasty!


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