Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chair Project, Hexies and the Dentist

I have been going to this dentist for a few years now.  I left the last one after he sold his practice to a guy who on the very first visit wanted to do a root canal on me.  Then did it on the wrong tooth and had to do another one on the tooth next to it. 

It seems that now one of the teeth this idiot did was not done properly.  He did not go all the way down to t he end of the tooth and close it off like is supposed to be done.  It has started to bother me off and on.

The visit today was my 6 month check up and they discovered this anomaly.  So now I need to go to an endodontist and discuss it with him.

And my dentist is now upselling.  The hygienist was pushing fluoride treatments and sealants.  Neither of which  my insurance covers if one is over 19.  And guess what?  I am.

Anyone have any experience with these "suggested" treatments.  I would appreciate your input.

 Here are my 9 completed hexie flowers.  They started out in the new bathroom by the cedar lamp and the Jim Shore Quilting Basset Ann gave Frank. 

They danced around and did a final Ta--Da in a long line and then got put away. 

And for my Fiber Group project, late as usual, I am making a chair.

I am loving this chair and want to make a ton of them.

And it stuck to my design wall with no pins!  LOL


  1. I like your chair too!

    I'd run from that dentist due to the upwelling. Mits so hard to find a good dentist.

  2. My dentist does sell us fluoride treatments, she is not a hard seller and we both have had dental problems so we should use it. Our current dentist has never suggested sealants, Sealant is a less clear concept and some treatments are said to last up to 10 years (old literature) My niece who was a dental hygientist for 30 years has hers done every 5 years and thinks it is necessary. Her sister who also was a dental hygientist thinks it is ridiculous and has never had it done. At the request of an earlier dentist we had both daughters teeth sealed when they were preteens and their dentists 20+ years later are impressed that they did it since it was a less common treatment then. The dentist at the time indicated it was suggested for children and adolescents.

  3. I hate upselling in general - good grief...... it is everywhere around us. My last dentist offers a 10% discount if you pay in full, and then get your reimbursement from the insurance check a month later. So now I am a bank for the dentist office........ selling my soul for 10%................... grrr

  4. I would try another dentist. A lot if them do free consultations. Check them out that way.
    Love the chair!

  5. I never get fluoride treatments any more since I read how bad fluoride is for you and my dentist respects my views. I have never had my teeth sealed. I have been using the liquid tooth soap from Rose of Sharon Acres for at least four years now. The sensitivity I was having is gone and the last time I was at my dentist I had very little plaque. It tastes a bit funny at first since it is not loaded with sweeteners like commercial toothpaste, but now I can't stand commercial toothpaste and I will never use anything else but the tooth soap. I have had the same dentist since 1982 and he is great. He would never do a root canal. I am suppose to get one (I have been holding off because I am a chicken) and he referred me to a specialist. My dentist was quarterback for the University of Pittsburg when they won the national championship. His teammate was Tony Dorsett.

  6. Sorry no ideas re the dental issue but got to say I love the chair!!

  7. Wow! I love the chair!!! Yes, do tons more.


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