Monday, June 22, 2015

I Hate When That Happens!

#1.  I listen to books on CDs while I sew.  I put holds on two books (David McCullough's the Wright Brothers and Housekeeping  by Marilynne Robinson) and finished them up pretty quickly doing the quilting on Skele-Biker and sewing on Locked and Loaded. 

So I ordered two more on the Library Holds.  They didn't seem like they  were in a hurry to come in so I went to the library and got Frank a book on CD he wanted and picked up two books on CD for me. 

And wouldn't you know it, my two holds came in today!  Now I have FOUR books to listen to in two weeks........geez.

#2.  Frank calls me at 3 pm and says that he is leaving Belle Chasse and will be home in 2 hour about, so I plan dinner to come out of the oven at 5:30. 

At 5:30 he calls me to say he is at the window repair place and will be home in an hour. 


Ann and I met for lunch and then headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond.  I now own a new garbage can in the kitchen.  McGee discovered it about 3:30 and has tried every which way to get into it, only to be  thwarted by me every far.

Here is a picture of the Avante in the back seat of the car on the way to  the Avante Spa.

Here is the quilt store it is currently living in. 

I miss it terribly.  I have all those books to listen to.


  1. How was the wright brothers one? Stuff you missed in history class podcast interviewed him about it and sounded really interesting.
    I'm sure they will let you renew the cd's or sometimes when that happens to a special requested one I tell them to pass it to the next person and put my name at the bottom of the list. You like still get it. Nothing worse than feeling rushed with a book. It should be savored and enjoyed:-)

  2. Yes, it is the little things that can make us crazy! That is a snazzy garbage can!

  3. So how long until McGhee figures it out, you think?

    Love that you listen to books on CD. I just turn on the radio and leave it to the DJ to enlighten me! Of course, I don't hear much of it, I sew at full speed and with intent concentration (or make big boo-boo's that sometimes involve my skin). Maybe you should stay at the spa with the Avante. It could be relaxing if you bring the books.

  4. heaven forbid you just listen to the books without quilting, lol lol lol. Imagine just listening... doing one thing at a time... I can't imagine it! My husband says I do too much at once, and I expect you do too. LeeAnna


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