Sunday, June 28, 2015

What the Leaves Looked Like BEFORE

I figured you might need to see what the leaves looked like pre-boiling.  It never occurred to me that anyone would not know  what a Magnolia tree looked like since they are, like, everywhere!  LOL

The leaves are heavy and thick and larger than my hand.

Frank was out trimming the oak trees.  Yes, obviously my backyard is the epitome of the Southern yard!

When he goes out with anything sharp I need to watch him and make the occasional emergency room run. Today we didn't have to make one. 

The dogs get into the fun as well.  Chloe is the
Semi-benevolent Overlord of All She Surveys.

DiNozzo make sure the peons are doing their jobs.  Hugeaux the Grand dog is with us this weekend.  And needed to be given a job too, so he was Cuteness Factor.

McGee was trimming his own trees.  I am not sure what this shrub is but he has eaten all the leaves he can reach.  So he jumps for the high ones.


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