Friday, June 26, 2015

Worst Possible Thing Ever!

Yep, the worst possible thing that could happen, has.  The Shark died.

Well, it didn't actually sort of fell apart.  And he couldn't fix it, so Frank went into deep depression.

And Target.

And now we have a new Shark. 

Here is the proud papa!

And this is what I did this afternoon.

Now I need those little mirrors.  Anybody have a source?


  1. Poor Frank. It must have been very difficult to give in.

    Very pretty mariner's compass. Those points are impressive! I struggle enough with circles that I would not consider circles and points in the same seam! I've bought the little mirrors at Hobby Lobby (3 to a pack). I'm sure you mean an online source, though. Try searching for mini-mirrors.

  2. I wonder if you could find a pair of small rectangular mirrors at the dollar store and tape them together on the back with duct tape to create the hinge? I love your block, too. is the narrow black around the center inserted (piping or flange) or pieced into both sides?


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