Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Art Abandonment Project is Such a Meaningful Part of My Life

 I have talked about this before but it may have been a while.  There is a group of artists across the world who create pieces of art and then abandon them in various places where others will find them.

There is a facebook group where we put the projects and places and if someone writes in saying they found something it gets posted to the group files.  It is quite heartwarming to read some of those replies.  It is interesting to see how a simple piece of art can touch someones life.

I used to do it a lot, and it goes in cycles.  One time this lady wrote in and said how she had not been able to find a job in months, and her child support stopped coming and she got evicted and was living with a friend.  But she found a zip pouch I had left hanging in a tree by a parking lot and had a feeling that someone cared.  And actually liked her.

It was so impacting to me that I have continued to do it.

I don't often get a reply.  Most people don't know what to do or don't have access to a computer or are afraid I might contact them in some way.  I guess.

Check out Art Abandonment and see some of the fabulous pieces that are abandoned.  You will be amazed at some of them.

Here is the facebook link  Art Abandonment

At first it feels strange, heck, even after 5 years it still feels like I am stealing something rather than leaving something.  But when I walk away from a piece I always feel wonderful.  there is nothing like it.

Try it.  There are several options for cards that can be left with your abandoned art.  And it really doesn't matter what your art is......beads, earrings, fabric scraps sewn together in a mat or pouch, drawings, pencil cases, watercolor, whatever.

Let us know  what you abandon and if you get a response back! 


  1. Thanks for the link! I was interested after reading an earlier article and love the idea.


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