Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Avante Is Working Again

Big thing I learned today was that you should always unplug your machines from the wall when you are not using them.  Even using a surge protector will not always protect them.  Best to unplug!

I brought my Avante to the dealer's shop on Friday a week ago because:

1.  it needed its yearly clean and retool
2.  the hopping foot was acting strange on the last 8 inches of the Skele-biker quilt.....remember that?

Well, it was a set screw that held the flywheel on track that fell out  and was lazing around the housing.

So Frank and I go pick it up on Saturday morning.  We go home and plug in the three plugs and ......


So I call Margaret and she sets up the Tech guy to come to my house today and see what is going on.

He looked at it, gave the dog a treat, opened up the motor deck, gave the dog a treat, plugged in the dangling plug, gave the dog a treat, plugged in the machine and turned it on. 

It worked!!!!  Whew!  Better than having to buy a new and expensive computer for that machine!

And Chloe LOVED the treats!


  1. Yahoo! Bet she purrs like kitten now :-)

  2. In the early days of computers at car dealers, I worked for a company that programmed and maintained the form printing computers. We had a customer an hours drive away who called to say his printer was broken. We asked him to check that it was plugged in and he said it was. We told him that it would cost a minimum of $150 (1985 dollars) and he said he had to have us come that night. Drove over and the printer was plugged into the computer, but not the wall. I got to keep the service call money and he bought dinner for me and the friend that rode over with me. I wrote it up as a bad connection so he wouldn't get hassled by the owner. It is the most common error we faced. This was early in the new game of computers. We ended up creating a checklist for each site that could be checked with all plug locations and switch positions clearly marked so the people we worked for could check them without us.

  3. So glad you got your machine back! I try to remember to always unplug my machine as this town is know for its power surges.

  4. Thank goodness it wasn't the computer! I don't know how much a replacement would cost, but I know I can't afford it. Chloe probably loves the guy, however, and will gladly have him back.


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