Sunday, July 19, 2015

Canoe and Caladiums

(Happy Birthday Fayne!)    

We are going to lunch with Dennis and Betty Jean today.  They are swinging by to pick up the canoe.  I will be sad to see this wonderful canoe go, but thy have the young daughter and want to be back on the water themselves.  It is a  very safe canoe for children.

We bought this canoe many years ago when Carrie was little.  The beautiful thing about it was that it was heavy and wide and had a center seat for the kid.

We never once turned over in this canoe, that is how perfectly it was balanced.  Which was a good thing when you have a toddler in the canoe that you might have to save.

It also has a safe in that center seat along with an ice chest to keep your food and drinks cool.  The safe is a waterproof area where wallets and watches would go.  And phones, now, we didn't have them back then.  And your important paperwork if you needed it.  When we took the dogs we would have their rabies certificates.

We traveled all over the place canoeing in the rivers and streams and bayous.  We were with a group of people one weekend and heading down some particularly wild water rapids on the Wolf or maybe the Black River.  I sat in the front of the canoe and Frank was the rear rudder so I could see the rocks coming hard and fast.  He started yelling at me, paddle on YOUR OWN side of the canoe!

This was one of his things he did in all of life, not just canoeing.  He wanted to be in total control of the canoe, front and back.  He was almost always yelling at me one thing or another, and I had already told him he was going to have to find another partner to work with, because I was no longer having fun.

 One of our friends in another canoe, yelled across the river.........Frank?  What exactly is YOUR side of the canoe?

I think he began to realize how ridiculous he was being. It didn't stop him from wanting to be in control, but he at least thought abut how my position in the front of the canoe was for spotting the path we needed to take.  His was at that point, to follow my lead.

He will never be one to "let" me be in charge, he has a compelling need to control everything.  But now I just do it anyway and don't give him a chance to control it. 

Now the canoe is too heavy for me to handle.  I can't hold it up high enough to get it back on the roof of the car.

We want to get a pair of kayaks instead now.  I can paddle my own boat, thank you.


  1. There really is a good thing about having a controlling partner. Mine thought I wasn't loading and unloading the clothes washer and dryer correctly! Well, you might guess the rest of the story.

  2. I have both canoed and kayaked and prefer the kayak. You feel close to the water and they are so much easier. And you are your own "captain "

  3. I have never been in a canoe or kayak. I am glad you found a new home for the canoe.

  4. We had a wonderful red canoe in our younger years - paddled all over Indiana and Michigan with it and the boys. After moving to TN, the canoe lived in our garage for a dozen years and then was sold to a new young couple. We knew it had to happen, but it was hard letting it go. Have fun with your kayaks!

  5. We love kayaking. It does solve a lot of problems when you are not in a tandem. The tandem we started with was a perfect solution for the time before my husband's rotator cuff surgeries. He sometimes couldn't paddle for a while and when he couldn't paddle I would until he was rested enough for both of us to continue. Now we have singles and the tandem.


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