Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fireworks on th 4th of July

I fell in love with this quilt a lot of years ago.  Like in 2005 or so.

It was in a magazine.  And I ordered it.

And put it together for a while.  I taught my mother to paperpiece a couple of blocks, but she was not really able to do much.  Alzheimer's, you know. 

Got tired of it when things were not lining up well.

Put it aside.

I pulled it out a few times over the years, saw where it was wonky in some blocks.  Put it back into the bag.

I pulled it out yesterday and just blew over the wonky blocks.  I hacked some of the points off to make them more square.  Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

I got all the blocks on the wall.  Except one piece.  A blue run.

Cannot find one block part anywhere but I suspect there was a bag of blue that got lost somewhere over the years of being moved around and shoved aside.  I can find all the other colors but not the blues even to make another one.

I decide to use plain black centers rather than the fireworks fabric from the original kit.

I put all the blocks together, except for that missing part one. Since they didn't all match up properly, I used some of my 1 inch black strips left over from the last thing.

It still needs the pieced border. But I can get that done today. 

I like it.  And it is a part of a pile that got moved and finished.  To the top stage, anyway.


  1. I like it. Did you just find close enough blues for the missing part?

  2. Look how you have grown as a confident quilter since you started this. Hacking off what doesn't work and adding what it needs to make it work. A fearless quilter is a good quilter on my book :>}

  3. As Angela Waters says in her video, finished is better than perfect, especially when you consider the reasons you are making something.

  4. I knew you would find a use for those leftover black strips!


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