Monday, July 6, 2015


Wow!  Who knew that using more than you bought would be such a foreign concept to some people?

I have to get a handle on some of these great piles of fabrics though, I think I now have more than I will ever use in the rest of this lifetime.  And I am not sure how to leave it to my reincarnated self in the future.  Burying it is not really an option.  Leaving it to Carrie is huge mistake.  She will just put it on Ebay!

Sigh, use it or lose it, I guess.

Here is the finished Fireworks quilt.  Top, quilt top.  Sorry.  Not the finished quilt.  I am in the process of putting pieces of fabrics together for the back.  I already have the binding ready.  I used some of the fireworks fabric that was intended for the original quilt borders.

Can you see what I did to fill in for the missing blue run?  Did I make another?  Can you see it?

And I have the four 4 color strips that were intended for the original inner borders.  I have an idea for a modern quilt that will  be interesting.

Not sure what I will do with the quilts yet.  Like I really need MORE quilts.  Maybe everyone will get a quilt for Christmas this year.

Might just happen this year.



  1. Very clever! Congrats on the finish.

  2. Well you like me have not used more than what they have bought overall. We are just working on just what we bought this year so far! If we took the time to add up the yardage we actually had - OH MY - I think we would be shocked! Your Fireworks quilt is coming out great. The missing bit doesn't jump out at you.

  3. Agree with Patty A. the missing blues didn't really appear until you said something. This one is a toughy....I tried figuring out the quilt block and can't.

    Too bad we can't take it with us, right? I'd like to think that there are sewing machines in heaven. I want to make vestments for the angels. I'd need a pattern to fit the wings, but most probably I'd try to improve on that, too!

  4. very cool design and creative & clever work around for carrying through the design.


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