Monday, July 20, 2015

New Rotary Cutter and Failed Food Standards

Yes, I broke down and purchased another rotary cutter.  Mostly since I have no idea when I will get mine back.  Not having a rotary cutter means you just cannot even work on piecing anything! 

I guess I just took my rotary cutter for granted.  I will have to rethink its position in the quilt studio.  It definitely needs to be elevated to a higher shelf and maybe cleaned more often.  Something befitting quilt room royalty.

I put together a few zip pouches and tagged them with the Art Abandonment info.  I included some of the toiletries from the hotel rooms I gathered in recent trips like hand lotion and smelly scent things I can't use. 

I left this one at the library in the large print stacks.  I hope to get some sort of acknowledgement from one of the finders one day.  It would be nice to  hear about the finder's experience and if they liked the pieces I have left over the years.

I talked to Margaret at the Quilt Corner this morning.  I think the screw is loose on the flywheel again.  We fought with the baby quilt she was working on Saturday morning.  When I realized that I had no rotary cutter I decided to put a quilt on the long arm and work on that. 

But when I was working on getting the tension set I could hear something rattling in the head.  I am thinking it is the screw loose again.

This time he will come to the house so we can run it on the frame and get it to work.



  1. You can leave a cute little zip pouch in my mailbox if you want! Lol

  2. What is this art abandonment thing? I love this idea! Random acts of kindness from a fabric artist?
    I can't believe you don't own a couple of rotary cutters - now once you get the other back when one blade gets dull you can grab the other one when in a quilt making frenzy without stopping to change the blade

  3. I'd be interested to know if you hear back from the found quilt project... and about that loose screw....

  4. I recently changed the blade on my cutter and noticed that it was full of lint packed around the center bolt. It took some digging to get it out, but the cutter works so much better! Duh!!!! Bummer about the loose screw. I have that same problem with my shower control. The screw moves and the hot water decreases. It is a pain to take apart to fix! Hope you get your machine fixed quickly!

  5. Okay, that is a precious piece of art! I really like the Art Abandonment idea. Well, mostly, I'd like to be a finder, but I'm a bit self-centered. I know, it's not a good trait.

    The loose screw can be a problem. Have you checked everywhere? I heard a small piece of metal something fall the last time I was quilting. I hoped I'd knocked something unimportant when I couldn't find anything. Turns out it's something important, but I could fix it myself by just replacing the small nut on the very small bolt. Good luck that it's not something really important or expensive!


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