Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Public Service Day - Chair Cleaning

Since I can't be trading on the NYSE today with my multi-million dollar stock accounts, I decided to clean out my chair.

So this is Public Service Day for your quilting chairs!

About every quarter (or so) I upturn my quilting chair and pull the threads out of the wheels.  to do this I use several unique tools. 

1.  My tiniest scissors,
2.  My fine tweezers, and
3.  My eyebrow pluckers.

Not that I ever plucked my generous Italian eyebrows (which are now thin and disappeared) but you know you can buy these things and not use them for eyebrow plucking.  I say that, not because I want to appear smart or anything, it was just that it never occurred to me do do that!

And just in the mode of full disclosure here, I really didn't buy them.  When we were cleaning out the bathroom drawers to paint the cabinets, I found them in there.  That bath used to be the one Carrie used so I am pretty sure she bought them when she was in high school.  We gave her a generous allowance, you know.  (and she still told me she hated me when she was 12...hmmm.)

So get in there and clean  out your chair wheels.  You will truly be surprised how much is in there.  And how beautifully  those wheels will move once they are clear of detritus.

Here are a few of my wheels (and my chair is relatively new as of mid-March this year. 

Here are my tools and my pile of stuff I pulled out from all the wheels.......minus what McGee came through and mouthed and possibly ate some of.

Take pictures of your pile of stuff and the tools you used and post them in your blog ans comment here about the link.

Get in there and clean out your chair!


  1. I really do need to do this but...I just don't WANT to!

  2. Since you can't be trading on the stock exchange, that got me giggling then outright laughter when you were serious about chair care. Oh my you have reminded me that my poor chair needs some love too!

  3. Giggle - the work-study students at the Folk School are tasked with this un-enviable task in the quilting studio (probably 24 chairs).

  4. I do this cleaning about twice a year....takes forever. I have a pair of serger tweezers that are curved and very pointed. They work better than the eyebrow tweezers. You can get them at Hancock or Joann Fabrics for about $8 or so.

    Now I feel like I have to turn my chair upside down. Darn! And I have for the express purpose of letting the grands roll around the studio. Otherwise, they wouldn't annoy me as much. Sometimes they roll each other around; other times they just whiz by at 50 mph. I'm sure they mean to help out by picking up thread, lint, and trash. I wonder if they've gotten old enough to trust with a pair of tweezers....

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  6. Spinning newspaper.....tell me more!


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