Thursday, July 30, 2015

Spools Gets Some Thread And So Do I

I got my order of threads from Connecting Threads the day I needed black thread for the Spools quilt.  What serendipity!

I ordered several cones and added several spools to get the free shopping.  I "think" I am ahead........

So I got my Avante all threaded up and commenced to quilting.  I still had some issue with the top thread breaking.  But I got it completed.  I really love the way the paisley swirls look in the dark areas as well as on the spools.

Today I went out and spent Frank's money on two new shirts.  Blouses, really.

Trying on some dresses, which is what I went out in the first place, I decided I needed to try harder on my diet.  When I was choosing something to wear to the funeral, I realized I really didn't have fancy clothes to wear.  So I decided to get a dress that would transcend types of occasions and be useful for a night out on the town.

Now it needs a trimming and a binding!

The funeral on Monday was that of Andrew's Grandmother.  She is like my mother, the last of her generation.  It closes a door to the past that a sad part of our lives.

The church was beautiful with Roman  columns, travertine tile and vaulting arches.  And yes, I was in a church and neither me nor the church exploded!

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  1. Oh! That explains the thunder and lightning we had on Monday :-)

    I love your paisley quilting! What kind of thread do you use on the a Avante? I've switched to using poy threads on the sweet 16 and I hardly ever get breakage. It's a lot stronger and has no lint. There is a place online you can get it really cheap although it is thin and a bit shinier than the cotton. If your interested email me and I'll find the site for you.


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