Sunday, July 19, 2015

Stash Report 7-19-15

(Happy Birthday Fayne!!!!!!)

We are meeting Dennis and Betty Jean for lunch.  Dennis wants the canoe and they agreed on terms.  So in order for them to come get it, I have been "company cleaning" for two days.  Isn't that the way you do it? 

On most days I "regular clean" daily, trying to do something big in one room and something small in a lot of rooms.  Like I will clean the toilets and sinks and then set the roomba in the den and sweep the kitchen.  I feel that that can be rewarded with sewing the rest of the day.  Or going out to eat with a friend, or buying a new gadget for the kitchen or sewing room.

But when someone comes to the house, I "company clean".  That is more intense and involves pine oil and the big vacuum.  Sometimes I dust the surfaces in the rooms I think the people will be walking or sitting in.  I did that yesterday.

Today I swept, vacuumed and mopped the kitchen, den and front bathroom.  I deserve a new car for that!

Since I have been working on Carrie's girlfriend's baby quilt I have not been working much on mine.  I got all the old quilting out, and half of the quilt re-qilted.  Carrie came over yesterday morning and quilted the bottom half.

Get this.

She wanted to do the rest herself.  So I squared the quilt up and gave her abotu 15 minutes of instructions on how to do the binding and the blind stitch.  Then she left.   Back in the house, I realized she took my cutting mat, rotary cutter and two of my rulers.  The big square and the 6 x 24 rectangle. 

Just like that. 

She is so lucky.  I had to spend hundreds of dollars and hours of my time in classes andon books and equipment to understand what to do..  She thinks she can get the info in 15 minutes on the run ........WITH MY EQUIPMENT!

Sigh.......gotta love her!

Used this week -0.66 Used this month -17.66 Used this year -101
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 0 Bought this year 67.25
Plus or minus -0.66 Plus or minus -17.66 Plus or minus -33.75


  1. Ah the things we do for our daughters! Renee' is the same way. Only she claims part ownership of everything in the studio.

  2. else is she supposed to do the binding :) She HAD to borrow your equipment! LOL

  3. She is lucky - she has you for a mom :-)

  4. I wonder if she plans on bringing the equipment back? Good job being at a minus 101! I am still at -72.5.

  5. You are such a good mother. It will come back to you, don't worry. Good numbers on your stash busting too.


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