Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Proud Momma

I am going to totally gush over my child's accomplishment, so get ready!

As a parent, you work so hard to make sure your kids have what they need to succeed.  Then when your job is finished, you send them out into the world and hope you have done what you needed to do. 

We gave Carrie the wings to fly, and she is flying!

When you see these markers of her success, you can't help but be proud of her.  She is an amazing designer.  And the love she has for what she does shows.  Ever since she was a little girl, she would draw houses on any available sheet of paper.  (I am still not sure what she did with all that cellophane tape though.)

Daughter Carrie is a Project Manager for a Commercial Architecture firm here in town.  They are small but have great talent and do some eye-catching work. 

One of Carrie's Projects recently won the American Institute of America's Rose Award.  You can see it here. 

St. George Fire Station

There were 23 finalists.  Here is the press release:

American Institute of Architects Baton Rouge had the honor of presenting awards to eight projects completed by seven different firms this year at the 2015 Rose Awards Gala last Friday evening showing great work and development by the Baton Rouge profession. Architects, designers, contractors, project owners, city officials, and developers all gathered Friday evening to showcase the submitted projects and to celebrate the great work being completed in the area. While AIA Baton Rouge members voted for their one favorite out of twenty‐three submissions, Mayor Kip Holden honored all by presenting that award to the winner. 


  1. We knew she took after her mom with a bit of her dad.

  2. Yay! I can feel you beaming. Congrats to her :-)

  3. Congratulations Carrie! (and mom and dad for a great parenting job)
    The fire station is pretty awesome. I love the round entrance and can imagine there's pole right in the center that my boys would have LOVED to slide down. It reminds me that they had a fireman swing set growing up--bright red with a pole. The stories that set could have probably told! Thanks for bring that memory to the top!

  4. Congratulations to Carrie! It is a nice looking building. It is wonderful to be recognized for your work!

    As an estimator I sometimes cringe at round areas of a building. Several of us who do estimating think circle templates should be taken away from architects! LOL!!

  5. Smiling with delight over Carrie's design. It must be busy workplace inside, but sleek and serene from my view.


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