Thursday, August 13, 2015

Duvet Cover Part 2 (or maybe 3 or 4)

 Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes for our anniversary!  It was fun hearing from so many people about their long relationships.  So few of us these days!

We had lunch and exchanged cards.  You will not believe what happened.   Read what the card says and it is even funnier.  We even bought them at different stores! 

After lunch we went to Dick's Sporting goods and looked at some kayaks.  Found this nice set up, but didn't buy anything.  Still looking.

OK.  Back to fabric.

I soaked the back of the Fish Duvet Cover in soy milk and iron sulfide.

And I had Frank chop up a dowel and an old implement (like a shovel) handle.  But obviously not small enough, because it would not fit into any pot I had available.  And I had to sacrifice my old turkey roaster.

I figured if I become famous for my incredibly beautiful ecoprints it will be worth buying a new one come Thanksgiving.

So here I am, I wrapped some leaves from Paula's yard and my yard.  Paula contributed a gorgeous purple leaf crepe myrtle, sycamore, hackberry and tallow.  From my yard came some bush I  can't remember, a palm frond, two caladium leaves and two huge iron plant leaves.

I wrapped my eco-bundles and they are currently boiling away in the turkey roaster.

I had an amount of fabric left over so I took my dye pot, smooshed it all into the bottom without rinsing out the mordant.  I added some ice from the freezer on top and sprinkled some Fire Red, Bright Yellow and Skye Blue Procion dyes over the top.

Now I am waiting.............the boiling needs to go on forever!


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