Friday, August 14, 2015

Fail, Flop and a Couple of Winners


I soaked the 100% Mexican Cotton in soy milk and iron oxide for two days.  Then I soaked the wooden dowels in iron oxide for a day.  Then I wrapped different leaves on the dowels and boiled it in iron oxide water for 2 hours.  It took another 5 hours to cool.

There were some flops, some fails, and some good pieces.

This is two separate caladium leaves.  If you look closely at the top blob you can see the bluish tint of one of the leaf outlines.  


 This is two iron plant leaves.  they are what you see under the oak trees all over the south.  Not so great. 

 This is the palm leaf.  A windmill palm.  Not so good either.  Once I ironed the piece I could just make out the outline of the fronds. 

Mass Of Potted Crimson Fire Loropetalum
 I have Loropetalum in my yard against my back bedroom wall.  It i purple on the new growth and a deep green on the older leaves.  Nice.

 This is a deep purple leafed crepe myrtle in Paula's yard.  I might just have to get me some.  Open the picture to see the deep outlines.

 I had about 8 sycamore leaves.  Now that worked well.  You can almost see the  leaf structure.

 This was the ice dyeing experiment. I wanted to test the mordant of soy milk and iron oxide.  It was the piece from the leaf experiments that was leftover.  I thought I would just try it to see how it dyed.

Not so wonderful, but I can overdye it later.

 Almost looks like shibori!

Here is my fail.  It was not much affected by the dye in the ice pot.  Again, it can be overdyed later.

It was an exhaustive day of watching the boiling pot and having the house heat up.  Not the best idea to do this boiling in the hottest part of the year!

I am going to add this to the list over at Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  Check out what others are doing this week.


  1. Yes, there were several winners in that group. The picture of your backyard though - WOW - it looks like a tropical paradise! It is just beautiful!

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am be holding much beauty here. These would be great to use in building birds or animals because of all the subtle changes in color. And that yard! Is that yours? Beautiful! A tropical paradise. Is that where you lie on the chaise lounger while Frank fans you and feeds you grapes?

  3. You definitely have some winners here!


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