Saturday, August 22, 2015

Here are the photos that should have gone with the last post......

Cute.  Frank working on the fontain.  The new pump didn't work the last time he "fixed" it, so he got it working this morning.  Funny story.  He cut a section off a piece of piping to get the right pump housing when he bought a new pump.  So when he went to put the piping  back on, he realized it was short the exact amount he cut off.........uhhh, wrong pipe!  So we had to venture to to get more at the hardware store.

Here is the thirsty steiva. 

And here is the stevia overflowing with the 2 inches of rain we had this afternoon.  It is in a pot I made called hypertufa.

Basically cement and peat. 

And hea-vy!  You ain't moving this one unless you have Frank muscles.


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  1. Frank muscles! lol While I know we shouldn't question God, I do wonder why we got the physical pain and the guys got the physical strength. The joy of childbirth is supposed to equal physical strength? (Yes, these are the things that go through my head.)

    We got rain, too. The only things thirsty around here are the indoor plants.


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