Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Interesting Architeture

Carrie did not design these, but I wanted to share with you a picture of interesting architecture. 

It is something we find in our homes even today.  So in Ephesus 800 or so BC this was built in the main area of the city so all important people could have access to it.  All men, I mean.  Not women.

It had running water channeled through to sweep away the deposited waste. 

Just down the viae publicae from  the latrinum was the 4 story Library of Celsus that was one of the most important repository of books in the known world.  At that time they had scrolls rather than books as we know them.  Celsus contained over 12,000 scrolls. 

So there you have it, two things we all have in our homes, often in the same room!

When we were there, I was struck by the mosaics on the floors and walls of the Terrace houses and how they were so like our quilt patterns.  I want to put together a program on that soon.

I am off to sew with friends!

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