Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mordant work and a Little Dye Work

I am preparing some fabric with a mordant in order to do some ecobundling.  This time I am doing a strong mordant of soy milk.  I  have read that it is a good protein source to open cotton fibers.  So I had to go to the grocery store anyway (and I forgot dog yogurt so I will have to go again anyway) and I bought soy milk.

Remember my find from the Purple Cow that included the fish duvet?

I dis-assembled the duvet cover and separated the back side into strips about 18 inches wide.  I put a one strip into the soy milk bath.

I took another strip and did a shibori wrap.

 I soak my fabric in plain water but mix my dye with some soda ash.

Mental note:  buy more soda ash..........

Now I am washing it out in my super heated hot water.  This is what I bought the machine for!


Of course, I didn't wear gloves...........


  1. I'm sorry. What is blue? The dye?

  2. Shall we now call you Smurf Glen? I will be looking forward to seeing the results of your dyeing. At least you are doing some work related to the workshop from back in February. I have not screen printed a thing!

  3. Some friends recently did some sun printing using dyes mixed in soy milk (instead of water) and it worked beautifully. I can't wait to see how yours turn out.


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