Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Shibori Blues


From this:

To this:

These were in the interim:

Then I washed it:

And this happened!

I am working on an Eco-Print.  It is soaking in mordant.  And the sticks are soaking.  I will choose leaves tomorrow and wrap and boil!

Blues Close Up!


  1. I love your blue piece! There are plenty of variations in it to use parts of it in different ways. Shibori is messy and takes time, but the results are wonderful!

  2. I think the results of your playing are fantastic! Now what will you make with it??

  3. Came out great! That is one big piece of fabric. When you do something you sure go all in :-) once cut up it will look even more different. Do you have other colors? I would be interested to see what an over dye using the same shibori technique would look like. Maybe hack off a fat quarter or something and try it?


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