Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday Progress and a Spider

Andrew's beloved Aunt is in the hospital.  I understand the value of Aunts.  I couldn't have made it here in Baton Rouge when we moved here.  I was very pregnant with Carrie, Frank was literally never home working two jobs out of New Orleans and my mother wrapped up in my brother's life in another city.  My Aunt and Uncle took care of me and loved Carrie as if she were their own! 

My thoughts are with the family as they deal with some difficult times. 

So today I had a chance to get some small jobs that made great progress!

I added the binding to the Baby Scraps quilt.  Tonight when we get home I will finished sewing it down and call it a finish!  (Update: I got half of it sewn down.)   It will be washed to remove all the markers.  I can't wait to see it all clean and clear!

And I worked out the backing together for the Swissy Raffle Quilt.  Bonnie M. gave me a ton of fabric with dog names all over it for Animal Charity Quilts.  It makes a great backing for this quilt.

Paula let me borrow her straight edge Long Arm Ruler.  It takes a bit of getting used to to use rulers, and you have to go s-l-o-w-l-y !  and you need that table on your machine base.  But it makes a straighter line than I can affect!  

This quilt will benefit Swissy Rescue  helping make Happy Tails!  The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue Foundation helps with medical assistance and rehoming of rescued Swissys.  My friend Pat Saxon heads this mighty undertaking.  Thankfully the breed is still small enough to not have a lot of rescues, but even one is more than we want.

This morning in my yard we were greeted by this guy.  He even had some breakfast waiting for him.

You could see where the web needed repairs.  In another area he had already fixed his amazing creation by weaving another thread along the damaged edges.

There is a beauty in the simple things I find in my incredible backyard.   And then McGee comes in and barfs part of the back yard into his bed...........


  1. You are making some great progress on quilts! More reduction for that stash number! When you make t-shirt quilts - like I am in the throws of - you only get stash reduction numbers for the backing and the binding!

  2. That web is awesome! Nature always astonishes me and makes me think there must be a God ( or Godess)


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