Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Tournament

Yesterday afternoon, I had only a few more minutes on this CD book by Matthew Reilly.  I love the historical dramas from Kings and Queens of Medieval times.  This one was about Elizabeth as a 13 year old girl in 1563.  She travels to Suleiman's Ottoman Kingdom to watch a Chess Tournament.  Michael Angelo makes an appearance.  And there are some murders.  I was on the phone to the Endodontist trying to make an appointment and on came this really (really really) steamy sex scene with Elizabeth's chaperon in the Sultan's harem room.  Oh, my!

Other than the 3 or 4 gratuitous sex scenes (which are like just stuck in the story and really have no bearing on it at all) the book is pretty good.  (Like the English Princess would actually be allowed to travel to the Middle East.)  And I always wonder why men think they can write so vividly about what they think women experience.  This is the Middle Ages people!

But I would recommend it as a good quilting CD read.  Think of me when you get to the sex scenes, I am Elsie!  LOL

Later          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

About 4:30 PM I finished the book and the quilting! Considering what happens in the end, maybe I won't be Elsie.  Although I wouldn't be that stupid.

Now I can put the back together for the Swissy Raffle Quilt and get it on the frame.

Not sure if you can see the quilting.  But here is a close up of a corner.

I need to get the binding done so I can wash it and see if all the markers come out. 

Off to the Endodontist.  I hope their  scheduler enjoyed the gratuitous sex scene! I might see it in her eye as she takes my insurance card!


  1. The library has a hard copy of the book, but not the CD version. I will add it to my list of books to read. The quilting came out wonderful! What kind of markers did you use?

  2. I'm re reading outlanders - only the second book I deem worthy of reading twice. It too is historical fiction / if you have never read it - you must. Scotland/ strong woman/ sexy scot in a kilt - oh my!

  3. I like that genre... I'll check it out. LeeAnna


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