Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Local Woman Does Housework, Then Quilting

Debbie Nelson from Spanish TownLadies Auxillary
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 The housework is a given, the quilting not so much.  I have errands to do but it is still difficult for me to drive.  I can neither grab the steering wheel nor spin it to make a turn.

So Monday yesterday  (on Sunday I had to meet a donor at the Little Village Restaurant, this is such a tough job!) when I had to go meet with a CAAWS donor, Frank was able to rearrange his schedule and be in town.  We had lunch at Copeland's New Orleans (I had the Eggplant Pirogue.  A "pee'-roge " is a little, flat bottomed skiff like boat that is used to pull in your crawfish or crab traps. One man can handle it since it is like the size of a canoe.) ( that way you don't have to share your crabs if you only get a couple dozen!) I guess the flatness of the pecan crusted eggplant rounds filled with crabmeat and French bread stuffing and topped with some marinated crab claws look like a little boat!  You know Popeye's Fried Chicken?  Al Copeland and my father were good friends.  Mr. Al loved to run his cigarette racing boats in Lake Pontchartrain, and my father would get sick every time!  But that was nothing that some good stiff bourbons couldn't cure!

I set the Roomba up for the front room.  And I have intentions of clearing off the counter in the kitchen. I'm have no idea how it gets so cluttered with junk.

Zig Zags
There are so many things I need to do that requires two hands,  two GOOD arms.  While my arm is getting better, I still can put no pressure on it.  Sometimes when I make a twisting movement like when opening a door knob, the pain can bring me to my knees.  And pulling on my tennis shoes did just that last night.

Thanks to Patty the Quilt Lady's awesome suggestions I ordered some fabric that has a novel printed on it that reads in the style of Hemmingway.  awesome, indeed!

OK.  here are the three tops I completed at the retreat.  And the zig zags from Sujata Shah's book Cultural Fusion.

There is also  the Saint's quilt top but I cannot find it anywhere at the moment.  And no photos of it.  Geez.

I am pretty sure it happened!


  1. I can feel your frustration. Is it a coincidence that the words patient and patience are related? And then there's the realization that somethings the older we are, the longer we take to heal ... hang in there. You will end up with a fully functional, pain-free arm eventually ...

  2. Love the zig zags . . . sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. Ouch.... no fun in housework OR jnjury.
    You need a maid.

  4. You are about as patience as I am. You need your arm to heal because you have stuff to do! The quilt tops are wonderful! Now you just have to get them quilted!

  5. yeah.....what's the deal with kitchen counters? Horizontal surfaces are collectors. LeeAnna


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