Thursday, September 3, 2015

Running and Packing

All I did today is run around doing errands, eat lunch with Ann and pack.  Oh, and grocery.  Make groceries, as they say in New Orleans. 

You really need to take all your favorite junk foods when you go on retreat.  I have lost 9 lbs and expect to gain some back over the weekend.  I have all good intentions of eating the yogurt I picked up today rather than the peanut M&Ms Paula is bringing to put on the table between us............

Obviously my E key is sticking this week.  Last week it was the C.  

I have 4 projects to work on.  Two are from Sujata Shah's Cultural Fusion, one is the Cats and the other is the Saints Quilt.  I should be able to get them all to top stage with no problems.  And at the moment, I am excited to work on them all.

At the last minute I tossed in the Hexie Box for busy work.  I still need to finish the Swissy raffle Quilt so I can bind it this weekend and get it off to Pat. 


  1. I had skipping keys one time so I highlighted the offending kletter and copied it. Then every time I needed it I pasted it there!

  2. attack bassets! Ha! Do you really think they are guarding something they can't eat?

    oh, they could probably eat fabric.... LeeAnna


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