Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Neighborhood Quilting

FINALLY!  I got the new cord for my computer and can turn it on for the first time in two weeks.  The cord actually came from CHINA!  I guess on that proverbial Slow Boat.

The Neighborhood
I cannot put any weight on my arm.  If I do it results in a sharp pain that brings me to my knees!  It is definitely something you want to avoid!

That includes rotary cutting.  So nothing new until the break heals.

But I can quilt.......that is if Frank loads the quilt for me.  You should have seen that scenario.  Trying to explain just how to put that quilt on the frame was nearly like trying to herd cats!  He doesn't take direction well, let's just say.

But that is not anywhere near the deal with my hair.  I can't bend my elbow to reach my hair. And i need to put it into a ponytail to take a bath.

You would have thought that I invented a complicated elastic circle puzzle.  He just cannot master the concept.


  1. I wish I lived next door! I think you can fill in the rest.

  2. oh my! You two will be connecting on a deeper level! This reminds me of one of the Amish ladies I work with at the quilt shop. She fell and broke both her wrists! She couldn't even wipe her own butt! He husband stepped up big time and took care of her. Take about getting close!

  3. My husband insists that he can take direction - I just can't explain what needs to be done. That and I don't like repeating myself more than 3 times. If you can't get it after 3 times in my opinion we are not able to communicate on the subject. He will begin and then ask a question that I have just answered. My favorite lately is that I needed him to help with a jammed machine and told him - Don't use force and always pull the wheel toward you. After he twisted the wheel backwards he asked why I told him not to turn it that way. Communication about kids marriage and life all work for us, but my sewing and his woodworking just don't work.

  4. Frank is an angel! You are so lucky. I'll bet you will realize how many things you need your arm for that you never thought of. Thank god you can quilt - maybe you'll get some of those UFO's done. There is a silver lining to everything:-)

  5. my husband has had to do plenty of personal care to me when I hurt my back. It builds character. And talk about walk a day in someone's shoes. The first time Drew saw me upside down blowdrying my hair for life, he said, doesn't that hurt?? Yeah, but the sacrifices I make for beauty.


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