Sunday, September 20, 2015

Twisted Halloween is on the frame

I had several issues I did not expect.  Loss of mind on my part, obviously.

The locked and loaded back needs another strip of fabric to make it wide enough.  Gees.  I thought the back was done and ready.  Obviously not.

The next one in the pile is the Mystery Houses,  big and green and orange,  can't miss it.  What I am missing is the entire backing!  I know I made it, but where in the world is it?  I will look more tomorrow.  The Aussie one I did that is on Franks side is quilted with kangaroos!!!  Hopping about!

So the last one in the ready pile was the Stars and i had not had time to consider what quilting I could do on it.  So I set it up on the frame, ran some bobbins, changed out the color of the top thread. And did some research on motifs

Mostly I looked at quilt patterns and forgot what I was supposed to be doing.

Frank fell asleep over his book so I took it out of his hands.  Sometimes a dangerous thing, he is the super hero at night.  But I made it ok.  About an hour later he starts fighting and kicking and yelling something that sounds like, I swear BOBCAT!

And he looked like he might be fighting one off.   When he completed the cycle and woke up, he said he said he was just standing there and someone threw a bobcat on him and he had to fight it.

At least, he wasn't fighting me this time!  It looked rough in there! I learned my lesson about sticking my hand in there!


  1. Maybe this is your sign to sit down and take it easy for a little bit

  2. Agree with Swooze - rest your body and your mind. Maybe a good walk alone or just with the dogs. One dog , not all 3. That always helps me.


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