Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Doings

Coming down to the wire on the Swissy raffle Quilt.  Well, not the wire, really.  That sounds like Patty the Quilt Lady and her deadlines!  I am just coming to the end of it.

Here it is on the frame with some of the quilting going on.  I am hoping to get it done so I can gt the binding done while at the retreat. 

Paula and I went to The Quilt Corner this morning to pick up some last minute items for the trip.

The Quilt Corner was Paula's shop years ago when it first started.  It was the first time she has been there since, and it was a bittersweet moment when she walked though the door.

I have been listening to another great book.  The White Princess by Phillipa Gregory.  I love Gregory!  I think I have read all her books, all the ones available here anyway.  This one is about Elizabeth of York who was forced to marry Henry Tudor (Henry VII) after he killed her beloved Richard III of York.  I think I have all the numerals correct.  They were the parents of the infamous Henry VIII of many wives fame.  This united the families of the Red Roses and the White Roses (The War of the  Roses) and thus ended the Cousin's War, bringing what can be called peace to Europe.

This will be a good book to listen to on the road to the Retreat.

And hey, if anyone thinks they can come in and steal my stash, the Attack Bassets will be on guard with Frank and his arsenal of high powered rifles!

They have been taught to bark, "Save the Stash!" as their battle cry.


  1. Wish I were coming on retreat with you! Have a great time. See you soon.

  2. The quilt is coming along great! I spent some time double checking my stash purchases and found I made a mistake. I have now bought 52 yards more than I have used instead of the 27 I think I posted! Holy cow! My next few projects will need to get some finishes done to move that number in the other direction! Have a great and productive time at your retreat!

  3. Hehehe they are not d\strong enough to resist Ray's powers...I will send him in for the good stuff!


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