Thursday, September 17, 2015

Whiling Away The Morning with Dr. Gorgeous

Before they even got me settled into a room, Bo (the Ortho PA) comes rushing in and hugs me!

They missed me!

My knee looks good, Dr. Gorgeous wanted to know why I was trying to destroy his knee work.  But it is still solid in there.  Just bruised and skinned up since it took a good hit on the cement!

For the arm, he feels the avulsion break of the ulna head will heal without casting.  I will keep it compression wrapped.  Give me a month of healing and I will be all better.

Watch out Penguins!!!!

Patty the Quilt Lady and my cohort in quilting crimes, has put out a call for eclectic t-shirts with themes that can be made for the exhibit!  She has been invited to do a shirt quilt show!

The Purple Cow held these Louisiana T-Shirt Treasures! Several are good on the front AND the back! I love the Mardi Gras colors.  Now I want to keep them............

And since there are LSU t-shirts in it, she can sell it here after the show for a quarter million dollars!!!!

So, Patty, like?????

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  1. Love the shirts! I can't wait to get them made into a rockin' piece. Thank you so much for your eagle eye and snagging these for me!

    I am glad you knee is ok, but it is a bummer about your arm.


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