Sunday, September 13, 2015

You Would Think it Would Be over....Right?


Frank and I stepped out into the glorious cool morning on Saturday with all three dogs on leash.  Chloe refused to follow McGee and I.  She wanted to cross the street and go smell the cat house.

McGee and I circled back.  And when I stepped into the street my foot hit a ridge and down I went!

Frank watched the whole thing go down, as they say.  He ran over to me as fast as Chloe would move, which wasn't as fast as you think.  He took McGee and herded all three inside.

There I sat, in the middle of the street, my arm and knee hurting so badly and feeling so nauseated I really didn't care at that moment if a car came and rolled over me or not!

I laid in the street for what seemed like an eternity.

No car came to put me out of my misery!


  1. Did you go get checked out by a doc? Is that the new knee? I think Frank needs to put you in a bubble! I need one too though. I did almost the same thing, stepping on a ridge. Took out the whole right side. Could barely climb stairs for a few days. Sigh. What's this aging gracefully thing? I apparently don't know how, nor do you!

    Hope you are ok my dear! Hugs!

  2. are you o k? just lucky a car didn't come along.

  3. Hope you feel better and things get better soon!

  4. It's crazy how much damage can result from a little misstep. I suspect you are more distracted by all those other life events than you can know. Take care and feel better.

  5. You are due some good fortune and happiness - wishing you all of that and more! I'll bet today you are really sore. Rest is best.

  6. Ouch! You are going to hurt more on Monday. I feel for you and hope it gets better soon. I agree with Swooze - you need to get your elbow and knee checked out.

  7. Oh no! Which knee is that? I can't remember which one had the replacement. Good grief do you have a black cloud hanging over your head or what? I hope it is just minor bumps and bruises. Get some rest and take care!

  8. Ouch! You have been through the wringer lately, haven't you? I hope you heal fast!


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