Monday, September 7, 2015

You wouldn't believe my weekend

Starts out by heading off the a simple fun retreat in North Louisiana up around Jackson.  You would think that it would be idyllic and magical just sitting and sewing for 4 days.


The lady who negotiated the purchase of the property and who turned it int the Judson Baptist Retreat Center died and was having the funeral including 5 generations of the family from all across the U.S. at the chapel across from our sewing room and kitchen.  She was an incredible quilter and instead of flowers they draped her quilts,across the chapel and over the casket.

On the way up to the retreat Center a rock flies up and crashes a huge sign in my windshield.  I know what will happen next.

There is a weak Internet signal that you have to stand in a field on a hill holding your phone over your head while following the moving signal across the pasture!  That said, the nursing home left several messages about my mother.

Then I get a text saying Andrew's aunt died and I couldn't get Carrie to see what the arrangements  were to be.

I get hold of frank that night and he tells me the nursing home called him with news of my mother's conditioning worsening since they couldn't get me.

Then on Saturday the air conditioning in our room goes out and there are no other rooms available because of the funeral attendees.

Then Frank loses control of the Bad Basset Boys and they run under the computer desk and rip out the power cord, breaking the end off.  Now this is a Vizio computer that no one sells and no parts are available for it anywhere at any price.

The nursing home calls again with more news of my mom and I call my brother to let him know of her worsening condition.

When I go to my CRV to get a bolt of black, I see the windshield crack is now totally horizontal across the entire window.  And I need to get a new brake tag, like now!  It expired in August.  So I need to get a new windshield soon so it will pass inspection.

Still nothing from Carrie about the funeral and with the nursing home situation and no internet, the windshield looked really bad.  So I packed up Monday morning and headed home.

When I walked in I see Frank with a rag on his bleeding hand on all fours searching the floor for the nose pad from his eyeglasses!

But I did get three tops done. And when I get my computer back I can download my photos and show them to you.

Oh yes, is there a retreat from life?  Sign me up for a RESTFUL weekend!


  1. Not exactly the relaxing weekend you were expecting ... oh my! I hope Frank and your Mom are better with your return.

  2. Sorry that so many bad things happened, but I hope that Frank is okay. I know that things are tough with your mom, but there will never be a "good " time for you to get away. Sorry that Frank had to carry the weight, but he married you and accepted the responsibility of sharing your life. Hope it gets better, but until then one foot ahead of the other.

  3. So sorry- you deserved a restful break and that wasn't it. I hope if it's time for your mother to go she does so peacefully. Sending you thoughts of strength and a big hug ((((((glen))))))

  4. I'm so sorry for all of your troubles and will pray for your mom....I promise! As soon as I settle down from the laughing. Really, I'm sorry, but I can only picture all the chaos: the windshield, the pasture, and Frank! Oh poor Frank! If he's anything like Richard, getting up takes lots of grunts, a chair, and a hand. Okay, okay....I'm off to say a few prayers of forgiveness (for me) and, well, just prayers of all sorts for your and your family.

  5. remember the song from HeeHaw?? "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"
    Girl, you survived the retreat, words that don't go together. Frank survived the retreat, words that shouldn't be necessary. And you sewed three tops?? amazing. LeeAnna

  6. Glory be - when it rains it pours! So sorry to hear about your mother and Andrew's aunt. Hope Frank's hand is ok. At least you got three tops done. Now you won't have any time to sew until things settle down.


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