Thursday, October 22, 2015

Binding Technique

I know that Patty the Quilt Lady does this on her quilts.  And I think I have seen a tutorial on her blog about this binding technique.  I could be wrong, but I do think it was her.  She will have to set me straight.  Right now she has a bias binding she is doing on a scalloped quilt.  Worth checking out as well.

Jim Morrison and the Don't You Love Her Madly *I won an honorable mention, did I say that?* quilt has two parts, the light and the dark.  The glad and the mad. The love and the pain.  Well, the black and the white.  And an honorable mention ribbon.

I wanted to make sure the two parts were clearly defined in both the interior of the quilt and the binding on the quilt.  The binding is such an integral part in a quilt like this.  Not so much in some other quilts, but on this one it is very important. Another important thing on a quilt is a hook on which to hang your honorable mention ribbon.  When you get one.  Like I  did.

I tried several ideas and ended up knowing that I needed two distinct colors in the single binding.

Have you ever seen a binding that was one color on the front of the quilt and another on the back?  have you ever done one like that?  Maybe will try one of those soon, and probably up my win status to maybe 3rd.......or even 2nd.    Right now, here is how I did this two tone binding

Hopefully this sounds good, I took one of the sleeping pills and then decided to do this tutorial.  Sometimes i am zoning out and forgetting the point I was heading for. 

You start off at the area that needs to have a two color binding. Leave a tail on both colors and sew them away from the color change.  Sew your regular binding on the rest of the quilt area in the corresponding colors.

Leave the binding open like you would at the end, but at any place where the binding needs to meet in two colors.  A tail of 6 inches on each one is perfect. Perfect enough for an honorable mention.

Cut the white side off a quarter of an inch BEYOND the color  changes.  Do the same for the black side, cut it a quarter of an inch beyond the color change.  That gives you a half  an inch to make the seam.  A normal seam.

I use my fabulous washable markers to make a straight line for my scissors to cut.  If you don't have a straight line, sometimes the binding can get a wonky.  You want you  blocks to be wonky, not your binding. If you want your quilt to win an honorable mention, that is.

Sew it the way you usually sew it.  I press the seam open and then machine sew the loose part.


Now to hand sew it down.......

Oh, and did I say I won an honorable mention?


  1. Thanks - I've seen this (in the new Stash Lab book and online, but I can't remember where) -- I have a quilt that just may need this approach.

  2. Congratulations on winning honorable mention! the quilt is wonderful!. That is pretty much how I did my binding. I can't wait to get back to the sewing machine. I submitted my dissertation, well, it at least felt like that, and now it is a matter of waiting.

  3. Phew! I thought I saw something about a bias in there. Now reading again I am happy to see no 4 letter words starting with a b.

  4. When I first read this post a too early in the morning o'clock I thought you were talking about this type of binding. I have to go back and study your words a little more closely now.


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