Saturday, October 10, 2015

Don't You Love Her Madly

I was watching a special on Jim Morrison of The Doors when the name of the quilt I am working on occurs to me.  Don't You Love Her Madly was one of Morrison's song I loved.  It was released in early 1971, I was a senior in high school and in love with all the wondrful lyrics coming out of the psychedelic rock music.  My parents hated the idea of rock music and refused to let me listen to it.

So when I went out on Saturday nights with Frank, we would go to a movie and then to the lakefront to kiss and listen to the radio.  By July of 1971, Jim Morrison was gone.  His incredible way of putting words together, whether in song or poetry, was gone with him. Did you know he was well read as a philosopher and a poet?  But then I guess all heroin addicts are.

As for the quilt, I can't show it to you just yet, but it is going to be one I like. Dark like Morrison himself, it is perfect for the REME Guild's challenge of Black and White and Something Else.

Tuesday I can post it after the meeting.  hopefully with the winning ribbon!

Just wait till you see it, that is the perfect name for it!!!  Thanks Jim!  I do miss you!


  1. I am anxious to see your Love her madly quilt. I always like the Doors. Their music was dark, sexy, and Morrison was such a bad boy!

  2. The Doors....bringing back memories of a lifetime ago. I still enjoy hearing the music from that era.


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