Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dyeing Workshop With Wendy Starnes

Yesterday I was in an all day workshop with Wendy, a local (Alexandria, LA) fiber artist.  I have know her for a number of years.  She has had a lot of her work published and hanging in shows like The International Quilt Festival in Houston.

I am familiar with most of the techniques she was working with, but I love the opportunities these workshops present so I always try to take advantage of them.

Working with Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye Powders, we did a rainbow dye of fat eights using fushia, yellow and turquoise.  The red and oranges are still batching on my carport.

The blue and purples are currently in the second wash in my fancy washing machine.  I am so glad I didn't get the front loader, using the front loader would not have allowed me to work with the dyed fabrics like I do.  I would have to hand wash them.

Think about that when you are buying that new washer!

We also did a gradation dye in an indigo blue.   Some of those got washed in this blue batch.  Actually I am thing all got into the blue wash.  We will see.

I will post photos when they all get washed and dried.....and ironed!

All of this was on PFD fabric.  She let us work on a piece of silk scarf.   I poured a lot of colors on mine, some others were conservative and did blues or reds or greens.

I have always had a problem getting dark colors.  So this was  my objective in this workshop.  So far this look like my colors will be intense.  This is that silk scarf.  i am ordering some velvet scarves for Xmas presents.

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