Friday, October 2, 2015

Zig Zags, Pat and Neo-Impressionists

I just finished listening to the book by Alice Hoffman about the famous neo-impressionist painter Camille Pissaro born in St. Thomas Virgin Islands called The Marriage of Opposites.  It really is about his mother rather than him, but I love those historical fiction books.  I  liked her writing enough to get another of her CD books called The Red Garden.  Love that one too.  Not sure why she called it The Red Garden as it really does not figure prominently in the book.  I looked for The Art Forger by BA Shapiro but our library doesn't have it.  

Last night at the river city guild meeting Pat Van Berkleo presented his trunk show of modern quilts.  He does the most amazing work. Self-taught, he designs, makes mad quilts his own quilts. He also designs his own fabric on Spoonflower!   A true Renaissance man. He works on an old Bernina that his mother used when she taught home economics back in Texas when he was a child. I will post the link to the quilt show when the pictures from River city  are posted.

 He has a collection of over 50 quilts and he's only been quilting for three years now.  He says he hates to give up any of his quilts and yet they don't use them at their house.  I can empathize.  I hate to give up any of my quilts.......BUT........I use them all the time!

See these beautiful yellow flowers? They're all over the place and they really are pretty.   They are tall tall and sitting around the fence posts they are very picturesque. But there's lots of pollen involved in them and my head has been stopped up; my ears are ringing louder than they normally do.

 Zigzags!!! I finished up three more zigzags this afternoon. I got the blocks squared up at about 16 inches. Got them sewn together and it now is a top as well.  Turns out to be about 62 x 62 inches, and you know, I hate square quilts!  But that is the size it will be.

So tomorrow I will begin once again to work on the old house quilt I have on the frame. And then I'll add a couple more quilts and get those finished too.

The cute guy who came to check out my Air Conditioning System for the fall was totally in love with my quilts.   He was so sweet.  He worked with the Intelligence Dept for the Army when he was in the service, so he may have been spying on me.  I have to admit, he could have gotten a lot of information out of me by being interested in my quilts!  I would have ratted out my best friend!


  1. Hahaaha, cute guys and quilts--who wouldn't become a rat?
    Sometimes a quilt just knows what it wants....if zigzag said done, it's done. Don't fight it--it'll just frustrate you.
    Is this Mr. Pat of La. Traveling Quilt fame?

  2. Hee hee hee - You're too funny Glen!
    Pat Van Berkleo's trunk show sounds amazing. I've been quilting about 4 years now and don't come near having made that many quilts. And I've only ever kept one- my first, goof ridden but still nice quilt.
    Your Cultural Fusion quilt is looking good!

  3. I like Alice Hoffman too. Going to go see if our library has those two books. LeeAnna

  4. I like the way the zig zag quilt turned out! I would love to see Pat Van Berkleo quilts.


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