Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mammograms, Dr. Gorgeous, Lunch and the Amazing GO!

I had an appointment with Dr. Gorgeous this morning.  I had a quick x-ray of my poor broken arm (which is still looking pretty broken!).  Quite different from the last time I had it done though.  I couldn't move it in the positions they wanted me to put it in without extreme pain.  It is better, and healing, but I can see the broken splinter part is still not back in its place totally.  I am still amazed that I can get the x-ray and in half an hour see it on Dr. Gorgeous' screen in my exam room.

In a separate event, while I was having my arm x-rayed, I thought I would subjet myself to more fun and get my mammogram done.  3-D digital photos of my boobs are now in this world!

Please, please, please. Go get your mammogram!  You deserve to be healthy and live a long life, go get your mammogram.

I had lunch with Ann at a place serving po-boys on real New Orleans Po-Boy Bread!  The bread was exceptional, something that must be shipped in from New Orleans as it cannot be duplicated anywhere else!  Some may CLAIM to have New Orleans bread, but real po-boy bread is unique to New Orleans.

My day is so filled with beautiful people!  Charlene is stopping by with her GO!.  It will help me cut the multitude of bindings for the 10 +++++ quilts that I have been finishing since I broke the arm.  I think I will so enjoy her being here, I haven't seen her in forever!  Even if we both have to cut short our visit run off to different events we can hug and hug and hug for a bit of time!

(time passes)

OMG!  The GO Cutter is the most amazing thing.  In the space of time it would have takeen me to cut one set of binding strips, Charlene had cut 8 sets!  Everytime she took a set of strips off the cutter die, I was like a kid seeing some amazing magic trick!

Yes, I was truly amazed!  And loving both Charlene and the GO!  (and Dr. Gorgeous, even if he only nodded and smiled when I whined about how much my arm hurt when I was sitting in the street waiting for a car to run over me!)


  1. Our visit was great although much too short! Wait until we cut half square triangles.

  2. nothing better than a N. O. po'boy. I miss them!
    Splintering bones sounds very halloween-y, eeeeeeeeek


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