Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stash Report (Go 100) and Dinner AT the Movie

I generally don't do movies.  Mostly because they are either stupid silly or violent.  Frank made peace with that a long time ago!  He was at one time very upset that I refused to see a movie that was bloody and violent, since that was the stuff of my real nightmares.  So he now waits to see them when he goes out of town.  Keeps him out of places he doesn't need to be in anyway!  Those women would find out he vacuums and they would be all over him!

And all the perfume.  I don't know why people think I need to be overwhelmed with the sweet scents they douse themselves with.  It gives me horrible migraines.

But I wanted to experience the new Movie Tavern that opened a few months ago.  So we chose Bridge of Spies, Frank  assured me it wold not be violent.  (He also had assured me the thing at Disney World was not a roller coaster, so I was suspicious.)

It was not violent, but very good in fact.  A true story, Tom Hanks did a great job acting, Steven Speilberg directed it well.  I liked it a lot.

The food was good and not expensive, the seats reclined like a luxurious Lazyboy Chair and the waiter was hilarious.  I totally enjoyed the entire experience and would go back again if there was another non-violent, non-silly movie. 

So for a stash report.

Charlene and the GO! Miracle Machine cut all those binding strips!  And they are ALL put on their respective quilts now.  I will claim the fabric now and the finishes when they occur.

And you know what?  I just keep going and going and going!  nearly 89 yards down!  I wonder if I can hit 100?????????

Used this week -9.5 Used this month -25 Used this year -175.5
Bought this week 0 Bought this month 1.5 Bought this year 86.75
Plus or minus -9.5 Plus or minus -23.5 Plus or minus -88.75


  1. Of course you can hit a 100. Maybe even by the end of 2015! You are on a roll, after all.
    I like the movie idea. It would be nice to have dinner, watch a movie and not have to do any of the work. Yes, I'm all for that. And you're right about Frank....a vacuuming man is one to keep out of places where women with too much perfume tend to congregate.
    I have to stay out of those places, too, but no woman is going to be interested in me...I don't vacuum! I'm just allergic to perfume and snort, wheeze, sneeze and suffer till I get out into clean air. But at least it's not a migraine. I've found that it helps to shower and wash my hair--you might give that a try.

  2. picky picky

    I'm not one for violent or action pictures either. Luckily dh isn't either, so we would love to come watch one with you two, and eat our way to intermission. LeeAnna


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