Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Swissy Raffle Quilt is finally done!

Yes!  It can be moved up on the bar on the side of the blog!  Double yes!

I always dedicate my quilts in memory of Bonnie Doon and Dutch, my beloved Swissys who are watching me deal with the bassets.

Bonnie Doon is totally disgusted.  She knew how to keep everybody in line.......and I am falling short of expectations.

The dog in the towel is not a Swissy, it is a St. Bernard.  And Saints, while related to Swissys did not actually have brandy in that cask they carried around their necks.

Both Swissys and Saints are Molossers brought to the Swiss Alps by the Romans.  Neither look like they did back then.

They are powerfully built, heavy boned dogs who are very intelligent.

 Intelligent in a good way, not like Bassets who are intelligent in an evil way.

I am pleased to see this quilt bring some money in to the Swissy Rescue group.  I hope to be able to let you know when the raffle takes place so you can bid several thousands of dollars for my quilt! 




  1. Congrats on getting this quilt done. It turned out great!

  2. It is beautiful in person! As for evil dogs, try dealing with 2 Yorkies.


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