Thursday, October 15, 2015

Your Input is Appreciated on Small Gifting Ideas

I need a few cute dog or cat related items I  can make to be included in our CAAWS Volunteer Appreciation Party.  We generally raffle these items off for a buck a ticket, one year all I brought was a $40 shop vac and we made $340 on it! 

(today my C key is not working.......)

I have in the past done a quilt but it is not really the right venue for a quilt.  It goes too cheap.   But maybe some pillows from our parade t-shirts would be a great idea.

Anything else you can think of?  Something small, not too difficult to make or I will get bored making them.  Those tea bag wallets were a hit when I had my knee surgery.......

Last year I made my fellow board members some notebook covers with animal prints.  This year I am thinking pillow cases!

 I am proud of my little ole self for getting a jump on these things.  Watch me procrastinate till Dec 10th........just watch.......


  1. For cats cat nip filled fabrics. You can make them any size or shape. For dogs bandannas or fabric collars.

  2. Microwave bowls. Tissue holders(foldy). Coasters (foldy).

  3. I've been making these lately: Easy to make them dog and cat fabric specific. Super fast to make!

  4. I know you made lots already, but animal print key leashes or my pooch pouch tutorial
    Since it's a tutorial I never authorize anyone to make and sell for personal gain but I have given permission for folks to make and donate for charitable doggie/pet causes. You would certainly have my permission if you were so inclined to make and donate them.

  5. Braided dog toys out of fleece or old shirts - homemade dog treats - cat mats - kennel mats 🐾

  6. Crayon rolls in cat or dog fabric works well for donation. I make them all the time for cancer walks and they go fast. I usually buy crayons on clearance after school starts.


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