Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Have Been {somewhat} Busy

I made these 5 last night and tonight.  (Do you love my beautiful wood floor?  See how shiny and not scratched it is?  Not wood.  Ceramic.  Fools everyone.)

That makes 14 total so far.  I have no idea what they will end up as.  but I thought that if I was thinking about doing the Milleflori Quilt called Passacaglia, I would need to at least practice some on the now abandoned Hexie Project.  If you have not seen it yet, you need to go on Pinterest and see it in its magnificence.

Thinking.  Just thinking.

And I talked to the Modern Quilt Guild about a project for next year.  We agreed to do all the blocks in Tula Pink's 100 Modern Blocks book.

At the meeting we did a fun activity.  Pat, our VP, has the best activities!  He brought a ton of modern scraps and we did a Joseph Albers style design exercise.  After the fun, we all got to take home our designs.  I will post those fabulous things later this week. 

AND best of all, we got to take all his scraps as well.  I got a huge couple of handfuls of some really nice solids and some modern prints.  I decided to use them to make my 100 blocks.  So I cut out about 45 blocks.

At some point was itching to try out a couple of blocks.  So I reached in and grabbed a couple and just ran them up!  97 to go!

OMG!  They are addictive.


  1. love this post. I am headed over to check out pinterest. I have coveted the millefiori quilt being done by paper pieces, but haven't invested yet. LeeAnna

  2. You have a lot of projects going on! It is always fun to see someone else's scraps!

  3. Those are gorgeous quilts and, despite my addiction to Pinterest, I had never seen or heard of this quilt. (Rather surprises me!) I imagine you'd have to have much more patience that I can muster, so I'll just live vicariously through you. Do me a favor and enjoy the process so I can, too. :-)


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