Sunday, December 20, 2015

Random, but interesting, stuff on a Sunday

The sky is a cloudless deep blue, the azaleas are blooming and the doves and chickadees are all over the feeder.

The bassets are in and out, because at 58 degrees and sunny, they want to be outside sunning, but they get cold.  Unlike Swissys, who would have thought this was a tolerable summer day.  At the present they are out.  but that won't last long.

Hang with me, I still have penguin photos to share with you.  

Corny but cute joke.  George Clooney and two of his buddies are going to a costume party.  George says, I want to go as Beethoven.  Ben Afflek nods and says he wants to be Tchaikovsky.  Arnold Schwartznegger just smiles and say.......I'll be Bach!

On Friday we were celebrating the holidays at Roberto's Ristarante, an amazing but tiny little place on River Road south east of here.  I ordered the soft shell crab, which came to me in a defensive posture, standing in a blob of garlic mashed potatoes, daring me to eat him!

Of course I did not take a photo of him posturing so beautifully!  At the moment it didn't occur to me.

My lack of desire to even put up a tree is evident in the total lack of anything festive except for a few presents scattered about.  But I did order one of those laser light shows.  And then I heard it was the most stolen item of the season.  So I took the chance it wouldn't get eaten by McGee and put it in the back yard.

The plus is that I can actually see it and enjoy it now.  But the downside is that I took it out of McGee's mouth yesterday as he was dragging it around the yard.

Yes, he is that bad.


  1. oh that crab sounds wonderful - - you must go eat another, just for the photo op !!

  2. It wasn't in the right place, don't cha know.

  3. Ah, 58 degrees - lovely , relax and enjoy. I stopped having a tree and decorating years ago - never looked back.
    Speaking of crustations - do you eat - is it crawfish? Craw dads? Im thinking of those things that look like mini lobsters. I read people suck juice from the heads - eeeeeew!


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