Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Flashback to the Past!

Oh my!  I just randomly went into Frank's office to see if McGee was "looking out".  He sits in the window and watches things go by the front of the house.  The window is long and low and he can lay down, prop his chin on the sill and fall asleep.  Often DiNozzo joins him and they chill together.

So......I digress.......

I went into Frank's office and noticed these photos.  I wonder why he didn't say, hey, I found these, come see?

Here I am.  I was 17 and that handsome guy with me is Tom.  He was an ex-racehorse my Uncle Buddy got me when I was living with him and  Aunt Edith.  My evil Cousin Linda had a pony named Danny and we rode the neighborhoods together nearly every day.

This was like in 1969.

And these were my parents.  I have never seen these photos before.  They were in an envelope labeled Passport Photos.  They really didn't travel the world, but they did go on one cruise in the Caribbean after they moved back to Louisiana from El Paso, TX.  So that would have been mid to late 70's.
Trapper John, M.D. Poster
If you remember the show MASH, I am sure you do, there was an actor who played Trapper John, MD.  He looked a lot like my dad.  Dad's company always had a Sky Box in the Superdome for the Saints games from their very first season.   I think he went because because people thought he was Trapper John.  They would crowd him and ask for his autograph, which he would sign Herb Graci!

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