Thursday, March 24, 2016

Quilting Book Rewiew

I got a new quilt book!

I couldn't resist it!

It was like, $4.

I am so excited.

I have never heard of the author, Bernadette Mayr.  She works with her sister Irmgard Stangl.  They are in Germany.  The Modern Quilt Movement has definitely reached Germany!

Even though they are in Germany, there are quilts that are inspired by the Grand Canyon, the Egyptian Pyramids, Southwest Geckos and Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellers.

The title:

Modern Nature Inspired Quilts.

What is there not to love?  Modern.  Nature.  Inspired.  Quilts.

I fell in love with the cover quilt, Spruce Plantation.  I love trees.  And when I looked closer (after I got it) there is another quilt on the cover,  Colors of the Fall.  Leaves.  I love leaves.

I sprung for the four bucks!

In the Introduction Bernadette talks about two kinds of mistakes:  Human Error and Acts of God.  Human Error is when you cut incorrectly.  Got that.  Acts of God are when you run out of thread and sew on for the next 20 minutes.  Got that too.

I knew this was my book.

Basically, they have a plan for the quilt, they assess techniques and figure how to use them without fussing with rulers, measuring and obsessing with layout.    They quilt freemotion-ly.  And the result is amazing.  Instructions for each project are presented either as lessons or as steps on the Sewing Plan with very specific details on how to accomplish that look.

It is something I can do.

I love the quilts.  And they are full of well placed scraps, easy construction and easy quilting plans.

I really like this book.

My only regret is that I don't want to start more quilts until I get some of these UFOs moved out.


  1. Time to move then! Mine are still sitting waiting to be quilted.

  2. only four bucks? Wow, what a deal! It looks like a book full of inspiration!

  3. I love this book, too! But didn't get it at such a good price! I was attracted to it for the same reasons - great cover quilt, nice variety of styles and good directions. We both have a winner!

  4. Ooh.... liking the sound of this. 4 bucks you say..... amazon?


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